Coletânea traz 'o essencial' do The Clash

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"Essential Clash" é o título da compilação em CD duplo do THE CLASH, a sair em 10 de março, trazendo as seguintes faixas: CD 1: "White Riot"/ "1977"/ "London’s Burning"/ "Complete Control"/ "Clash City"/ "Rockers"/ "I’m So Bored With The USA"/ "Career Opportunities"/ "Hate And War"/ "Cheat"/ "Police & Thieves"/ "Janie Jones"/ "Garageland"/ "Capital Radio"/ "(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais"/ "English Civil War"/ "Tommy Gun"/ "Safe European Home"/ "Julie’s Been Working For The Drugs Squad"/ "Stay Free" e "Grooby Times". CD 2: "London Calling"/ "Guns Of Brixton"/ "Clampdown"/ "Rudie Can’t Fail"/ "Lost In The Supermarket"/ "Jimmy Jazz"/ "Train In Vain"/ "Bankrobber"/ "Magnificent Seven"/ "Ivan Meets GI Joe"/ "Stop The World"/ "Somebody Got Murdered"/ "Street Parade"/ "Broadway’"/ "Radio Clash"/ "Ghetto Defendant"/ "Rock The Casbah"/ "Straight To Hell"/ "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" e "This Is England".