Tributos III: Judas Priest

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A mesma Dwell Records do tributo ao Queensryche está lançando também o "Hell Bent For Metal 2: Tribute to JUDAS PRIEST", que trará o seguinte setlist:

CAGE - 'Freewheel Burning'

BURNING INSIDE - 'The Green Manalishi'

SPEED - 'Grinder'

DEFECT - 'Rapid Fire'


TYRANT - 'Tyrant'

ACHERON - 'Devil's Child'

SEVEN WITCHES - 'Diamonds And Rust'

BLOOD COVEN - 'Screaming For Vengeance'

KILLSWITCH - 'Exciter'

DEBAUCHERY - 'Riding On The Wind'

DISARRAY - 'Delivering The Goods'

ENGRAVE - 'Sinner'.


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