Nuclear Blast vai soltar mais um tributo ao Thin Lizzy

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Vai sair em 20 de janeiro pela gravadora Nuclear Blast um tributo ao THIN LIZZY chamado "Emerald - A Tribute To The Wild One", trazendo as seguintes faixas: "Emerald" (SKYCLAD) / "Wild One" (JOHN NORUM) / "Out in the Fields" (PRIMAL FEAR) / "Cowboy Song" (ANTHRAX) / "Jailbreak" (SIX FEET UNDER) / "The Sun Goes Down" (SINNER) / "Genocide" (RUNNING WILD) / "Please Don't Leave Me" (PRETTY MAIDS) / "Warriors" (PEGAZUS) / "This Is The One" (GODGORY) / "Johnny The Fox" (MORDRED) / "Gotta Give It Up" (GARDENIAN) / "Massacre" (STEEL PROPHET) / "Southbound" (THERION) e "The Boys Are Back In Town" (CHINCHILLA).