Site francês comenta faixa-a-faixa o novo CD do Metallica

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O site francês publicou um review detalhado comentando cada uma das músicas do novo CD do Metallica. Confira a tradução para o inglês do review.

1. Frantic (5:46)

The first song enters with huge drumming which slaps.. We discover the sound of St Anger very garage and metallic, a new sound for Metallica.. James Hetfield is raging.. "My life style is my death style". The group cultivates changes of rhythms. We pass heavy and rampant moments and machine gun like riffs which finishes on a apocalyptic conclusion. Big entrance.


2. St. Anger (7:19)

This song starts with a basic riff for Metallica, covered by furious drumming where Lars Ulrich places great double pedal passages like in the past. The verse goes overhead with drumming followed by a more aggressive refrain with doubled singing by James Hetfield. The song contains many parts where one is connected with fantastic overlapping. The Four Horsemen are back!


3. Some Kind of Monster (8:24)

The beginning part started with a big heavy riff with a double pedal passage(decidedly Lars Ulrich is one of the best drummers in the world). This song contains a break which is not without recalling Queens of the Stone Age. The song is again an enourmous force and James Hetfield repeats "Some kind of monster". A bit too long.


4. Dirty Window (5:23)

A good punk beginning riff played over several notes which transforms, as well as James Hetfield meets it with singing with a heavy riff. His voice is always on top and expresses itself in different registers. Here, an overhead passage which enables him to place some melodies which poses like System of a Down before beautiful parts before the refrain. The group shows much cohesion and the changes of rhythms are completely "maitresse".


5. Invisible Kid (8:28)

In the beginning, Metallica starts by finally breaking the rhythm and setting out on a riff 100% Metallica. James Hetfield repeats "Invisible kid never see what he did". The piece contains much different parts whose passages recall Queens of the Stone Age on which James Hetfield leaves training his voice. The double pedal is again presented and the whole finishes by an enormous vocal. "Open your mind".


6. My World (6:30)

On this title, the group is very very irritated. A large riff brings agreements very quickly. "It's my world, sucker!" sings James Hetfield. The piece is all in percussion with acceleration, changes of rhythms, and double pedal passages. For the finale, James Hetfield launches howls. Excellent!

7. Shoot Me Again (7:09)

After a big punch, the song is done melodically on the verse. The group does not place bad breaks of rhythms and delivers one of the more disconnected pieces on the album. On the refrain, James Hetfield sings 'Shoot me again" at the limit of nu-metal. Nickelback if they bought some balls?


8. Sweet Amber (5:24)

After a rather soft beginning, one thinks that Sweet Amber is the slow piece on the album but a large ultra-rapid riff and infernal drumming put an end to our suspicions. Metallica definately did not make a commercial album! The verse is calmer but it is only a pretext for everything afterwards. Lars Ulrich gives itself it!


9. Unamed Feeling (7:07)

Intro is between blues and heavy as James Hetfield can do them so well. The piece is the more rampant on the album. James Hetfield once more made a song full of contained rage which always ends up exploding.

10. Purify (5:13)

Enters with matter super heavy and crushing. From there follows a rhythmic gross and percussive drumming. The song is axed and unlocked on the word "Purify" that James Hetfield repeats like a madman. The pieces achieves on slow and heavy passages. What rhythm changes...

11. All Within My Hand (8:44)

Last song of the album which distinguishes itself from the others by long melodic passages with choruses.. It opens with a violent riff on 3 agreements which hides various heavy overhead parts.. James Hetfield finishes by screaming "Kill kill kill". A bit too long in the end.

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