Napalm Death divulga tracklist de compilação

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Eis o tracklist do "Noise For Music's Sake", compilação em CD duplo do NAPALM DEATH, a sair em junho na Europa e no mês seguinte nos EUA:

CD 1:

"The Kill"/ "Scum"/ "You Suffer"/ "Deceiver"/ "Hung"/ "Antibody"/ "Unchallenged Hate"/ "Siege of Power"/ "Greed Killing"/ "Suffer the Children"/ "Mass Appeal Madness"/ "Next of Kin to Chaos"/ "Judicial Slime"/ "Lucid Fairytale"/ "If the Truth Be Known"/ "Plague Rages"/ "Social Sterility"/ "From Enslavement to Obliteration"/ "Low Point"/ "Contemptuous"/ "Diatribes"/ "Chains That Bind Us"/ "Armageddon x 7"/ "Breed to Breathe"/ "World Keeps Turning"/ "The Infiltrator"/ "Nazi Punks Fuck Off".


CD 2:

"Rise Above"/ "Missing Link - Mentally Murdered"/ "Walls of Confinement"/ "Cause and Effect - No Mental Effort"/ "Pride Assassin"/ "Avalanche Master Song (Live at ICA)"/ "One and the Same"/ "Sick and Tired"/ "Malignant Trait"/ "Killing with Kindness"/ "Means to an End"/ "Insanity Excursion"/ "Truth Drug"/ "Living in Denial"/ "Food Chains"/ "Upwards and Uninterested"/ "I Abstain"/ "Politics of Common Sense"/ "Internal Animosity"/ "Scum"/ "Life"/ "Retreat to Nowhere"/ "Remain Nameless"/ "Twist the Knife (Slowly)"/ "Deceiver" (Live in Wacken, Belgium, 7/11/87, com Mitch Dickinson do UNSEEN TERROR na guitarra)"/ "The Traitor" (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1/11/86 e "Abattoir" (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 30/3/86).


Enquanto o primeiro CD traz os clássicos do grupo, o segundo conta com uma série de raridades, demos, faixas extraídas de EPs, gravações ao vivo, etc.

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