Detalhes, incluindo capa, do CD ao vivo do Blind Guardian

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Este é o "Live", CD duplo ao vivo do BLIND GUARDIAN, a sair em 26 de maio, trazendo faixas registradas ao longo da turnê mundial realizada em 2002 pelo grupo. Eis o tracklist: CD 1: "War Of Wrath"/ "Into The Storm"/ "Welcome To Dying"/ "Nightfall"/ "The Script For My Requiem"/ "Harvest Of Sorrow"/ "The Soulforged"/ "Valhalla"/ "Majesty"/ "Mordred's Song" e "Born In A Mourning Hall". CD 2: "Under The Ice"/ "Bright Eyes"/ "Punishment Divine"/ "The Bard's Song (In The Forest)"/ "Imaginations From The Other Side"/ "Lost In The Twilight Hall"/ "A Past And Future Secret"/ "Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)"/ "Journey Through The Dark"/ "Lord Of The Rings" e "Mirror Mirror".