Tracklist do disco ao vivo do Judas Priest

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Eis o tracklist do "Live In London", CD duplo ao vivo do JUDAS PRIEST, a sair em 13 de janeiro de 2003, trazendo na íntegra a apresentação da banda ocorrida no Brixton Academy de Londres em 19 de dezembro de 2001: "Metal Gods"/ "Heading Out To The Highway"/ "Grinder"/ "Touch Of Evil"/ "Blood Stained"/ "Victim Of Changes"/ "The Sentinel"/ "One On One"/ "Running Wild"/ "Ripper"/ "Diamonds & Rust"/ "Feed On Me"/ "Green Manalishi"/ "Beyond The Realms Of Death"/ "Burn In Hell"/ "Hell Is Home"/ "Breaking The Law"/ "Desert Plains"/ "You've Got Another Thing Coming"/ "Turbo Lover"/ "Painkiller"/ "Hellion - Electric Eye"/ "United"/ "Living After Midnight" e "Hell Bent For Leather".